101 self-care ideas to inspire happiness now

101 self-care ideas to inspire happiness now

Self-care ideas that won’t cost you anything

  1. Take an online course: There are some great free courses online that cover topics around wellbeing such as  Maintaining a mindful life, Literature and Mental Health and Existential Wellbeing Counselling
  2. Spend ten minutes tidying
  3. Get creative with your gratitude practice
  4. Control your inner critic
  5. Set yourself a challenge: There is a calendar of challenges organised by month. Setting yourself a challenge can be great for your confidence as I have found out by doing NaNoWriMo. This year I’ve set myself a reading challenge. Don’t forget if you’re taking a reading challenge then you could read something you already own or pop down to your local library. Just make sure you return anything you borrow on time to avoid any fines! You could also try the challenge of taking a photo everyday or the letter-writing challenge!
  6. Spend some time with a friend or your family
  7. Have an early night, treat yourself to a lie in or have a nap
  8. Do some voluntary work
  9. Have a glass of water
  10. Get out into nature – visit a wood, local park or the beach

Self-care ideas for £1 or less

  1. Start a bullet journal for mindfulness and productivity. All you need to get started is a simple notebook. You can get some lovely notebooks at Wilko for £1 or splash out a bit and buy one of the slightly more expensive options at £2.50!
  2. Do the 100 Mandala Challenge. Again at Wilko you can get a Doodle Pad and some colouring pencils for 50p each. Enough to get started on this challenge
  3. Head to your local charity shop and pick up a jigsaw
  4. Treat yourself to a soak in the bath and make it extra special with a bath bomb – again Wilko to the rescue with their range of bath bombs!
  5. Eat some fruit – bananas, apples, oranges all come in under £1 and even a mango is just over!
  6. Have a cup of tea
  7. Burn a candle: Don’t worry, Wilko has this covered too!
  8. Write a letter to your future self – you can get some beautiful postcards from Paperchase for less than £1
  9. Print out some of your favourite photos. This costs as little as 6p from Boots
  10. Put your £1 away for a rainy day … do this a few times and you can afford to treat yourself! If you want to invest a little more then you could try the 52-week money challenge, where you save £1 in week one, £2 in week two and so on. A variation is to mix up the weeks so you can balance out the more expensive weeks with the cheaper ones!

Self-care ideas that use an app (although can be done without one!)

  1. Journal: OmmWriter would be a lovely piece of software to use for this!
  2. Reduce your exposure to white light with Flux (or just switch off your computer earlier)
  3. Take some time to do some focused breathing
  4. Take a digital detox and swap your smartphone for some sleep
  5. Try a yoga class with Yoga Studio
  6. Take a mindful moment with Headspace or try a less conventional form of mindfulness
  7. Set yourself some goals and achieve them with MindBloom
  8. Focus on one thing at a time with DoOneThing
  9. Get grateful with 1 Second Everyday
  10. Read an inspirational quote with Quote of the Day

Self-care ideas that help others or the environment

  1. Do some gardening: If you don’t have a garden then why not see if there is a local community garden in your area or get some houseplants
  2. Do something for charity: Donate to a food bank, adopt an animal, do some fundraising or use an ethical search engine such as Everyclick or Ecosia
  3. Get feel-good toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap
  4. Switch your cleaning products for more environmentally-sound versions
  5. Treat yourself to some ethical beauty products
  6. Spend some time doing some mindful sewing and make yourself a bag for your groceries
  7. Hold a Crafternoon for Mind
  8. Make the world a gentler place with a random act of kindness
  9. Connect with a friend and tell them how much they mean to you
  10. Keep your local community alive and shop on the high street or in independent stores

Budget self-care treats to enjoy at home

  1. Have an afternoon tea – make yourself some scones and top them off with jam and cream
  2. Have a hotel-at-home day: make up your bed with clean sheets, declutter and adventure off into your home town as though you’d not been there before
  3. Make yourself some takeaway meals for the freezer – you could try bake-from-the-freezer pizzas, some samosas, a beautiful cauliflower, pea and paneer curry, roasted aubergine and tomato curry or a green burger that you can finish off with some homemade chips and salad
  4. Have a pamper day – relax in the bath with a face mask and plenty of bubbles
  5. Make yourself some popcorn and enjoy a movie evening
  6. Cook a Sunday lunch
  7. Have an afternoon of reading the papers
  8. Instead of going out for a meal, have a dinner party at home
  9. Make yourself a healthy snacks box or stock up the freezer with some treats
  10. Give yourself a therapy session – there are books such as How To Be Your Own Therapist and Be Your Own CBT Therapist or you could try a guided journal such as 99 Things That Bring Me Joy or No Worries

Creative self-care ideas

  1. Get a crafting kit
  2. Make a good things jar
  3. Visit an art exhibition, museum, go to the theatre or enjoy a concert
  4. Sew yourself a comforting blanket or make a tissue holder
  5. Listen to some of your favourite music, create a playlist to suit your mood or discover something new
  6. Start a blog tracking your self-care journey
  7. Knit yourself a hot water bottle
  8. Cook yourself lots of yummy food (salads, vegetarian sausages etc) and head out for a picnic
  9. Make a self-care basket for days when you are feeling under the weather
  10. Make some cards or gifts for your friends or family

The self-care ideas we might rather put off

  1. Look after your physical health and book an appointment with your optician or dentist
  2. Clean the oven
  3. Review your budget
  4. Do the ironing
  5. Get on with the project you have always wanted to do and you know will make you happy
  6. Make sure that the washing up is done before you go to bed
  7. Tidy up your wardrobe with Project 333
  8. Do that decorating that you’ve been putting off for ages. You’ll enjoy it so much when it’s done!
  9. Have a conversation you need to have but have been dreading
  10. Find a job that is going to make you truly happy

Book-related self-care ideas

  1. Find some writing that speaks to your mood right now. You could get yourself a copy of The Poetry Pharmacy or Affirmations for the Inner Child to make this super easy
  2. Relax with a novel
  3. Read about wellbeing around the world with The Little Book of Hygge, Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life or Lagom: The Swedish Art of Balanced Living or C’est La Vie: The French Art of Letting Go
  4. Get ready to minimise with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, Stuffocation and L’Art de la Simplicite: How to Live More with Less
  5. Treat yourself to a bamboo bath tray so you can enjoy your books in the bath
  6. Sew yourself a bookmark (or make some as presents for your friends)
  7. Read one of the self-help classics
  8. Find a children’s book that your inner child would love
  9. Connect to your community and join a book group
  10. Order yourself a forthcoming self-help book or novel to give yourself a book-related gift to your future self

Self-care ideas with which to treat yourself

  1. Treat yourself to a tea-related gift from teapigs
  2. Give yourself the gift of light with a Lumie Clock
  3. Buy a subscription box – there are some lovely ones including the BuddyBox from Blurt, The Art Tiffin box for those who enjoy creative self-care and HyggeBox
  4. Set aside a budget and replenish your wardrobe
  5. Buy a bunch of flowers
  6. Take a trip to the cinema – it doesn’t have to be super expensive. Many cinemas have offers that allow you to go for a discounted price
  7. Treat yourself to a soy candle
  8. Go on a day trip, city break or escape to the countryside
  9. Get a memento to remind yourself that deserve love and kindness in your life – a piece of jewellery, a beautiful piece of artwork or something practical that brings you joy
  10. Treat yourself to a new boxset

Set up some self-care habits

  1. Set up a bedtime routine
  2. Establish a cleaning routine
  3. Go for a walk everyday
  4. Meal plan and make packed lunches
  5. Get into the habit of morning pages
  6. Put aside some time every day to do some meditation
  7. Create yourself a routine for the morning to help you get the most out of your time before work
  8. Take a proper lunch break and put boundaries around your work life to stop it taking over your home life
  9. Book some self-care time into each week
  10. Batch-up tasks to increase your productivity. For example, replying to all your emails at a specific point each day

If you like these ideas then why not try our final idea and take part in #365daysofselfcare. It’s the ultimate self-care challenge! Let me know your favourite forms of self-care below.

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