Productivity software for insecure days

Productivity software for insecure days

You would be doing well to find a more minimal piece of productivity software than DoOneThing. It is perfect in its simplicity. At the top of your Mac’s screen, in the menu bar where the clock lives, it displays your goal. Just one goal – the most important to-do. Every time you glance at the clock, you catch sight of it and begin to think “maybe I could do that”.

Eventually, at some point, I inevitably find that “maybe I could do that” turns into taking a step towards completing my task. If it doesn’t, that is okay too. There is always tomorrow and there is no judgment from DoOneThing. It just sits patiently in the corner of my screen and waits.

Sometimes I realise that the task doesn’t need doing. Again, there is no recrimination from DoOneThing. Just delete it and it’s gone! When you do complete your goal, you mark it as done. That’s it. There’s no celebratory fireworks. It’s almost as though DoOneThing always knew this was in the bag!

DoOneThing encourages a mindful, one-step approach to getting things done. You won’t end up with an unrealistically long to-do list or end the day feeling like a failure because of dozens of unchecked tasks. However, if you do find it helpful to keep a more comprehensive task list elsewhere that’s no problem. I use a task list app in my menu bar to keep a more complete to-do list and then just take the thing at the top of my list and pop it into DoOneThing.

It’s a simple approach to the to-do list but sometimes accomplishing one thing is the beginning of rebuilding self-confidence. I use this software everyday but find it particularly helpful when I’m feeling low or overwhelmed. It even helped me launch this blog, breaking down my never ending task list into manageable chunks. If you want to try it for yourself, you can download DoOneThing free from the App Store.

I would love to know what helps keep you on track when you are feeling daunted by your task list. Let me know below and follow Soothing Sense on Twitter for more software reviews to help you make the most out of your time!

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