Draw a mandala: How to quieten the mind

Draw a mandala: How to quieten the mind

Colouring books for adults frequently contain mandalas – beautiful circular drawings. But why not draw a mandala of your own? Jung used to draw a mandala daily and made the following observation:

I sketched every morning in a notebook a small circular drawing, … which seemed to correspond to my inner situation at the time. … Only gradually did I discover what the mandala really is: … the Self, the wholeness of the personality, which if all goes well is harmonious. (Source: Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, pp. 195–196).

You might be a bit daunted at the thought of drawing your own mandala as they can be very intricate. Don’t worry though because we have found the perfect tutorial to get you started! It is by Kathryn Costa, the creative talent behind 100 Mandalas and author of The Mandala Guidebook. You don’t need any drawing skills and the project requires minimal art supplies. I created mine with some basic felt-tip pens and the back of a pizza box!

The video below takes you through the process step-by-step. I spent around an hour working on this project and I loved it. In the Buddhist tradition, mandalas are used as a meditation tool and I found that drawing the mandala quietened my mind.

If you do find yourself in love with the art of mandalas then you can try Kathryn’s 100 mandala challenge. Or if you decide you’d rather stick to the colouring then Kathryn has a free colouring book to download.


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