Create a life you love: Make some inspirational art

Create a life you love: Make some inspirational art

There is no need to spend a fortune on expensive posters or wall art when you can create your own for a fraction of the cost. Here are five easy steps for making some inspirational art!

Make some inspirational art

  • Step 1: Find an inspirational quote that you love, something that has real meaning to you and you won’t get bored of seeing every day (although don’t worry too much about that because you can always make a new piece of art!)
  • Step 2: Decide on a background. It could be a block colour, a photograph you have taken or a drawing you have done. If you’re not very artistic, make the most of the resources on the internet to help you find inspiration for your design or use a website like Pixabay to find your perfect photo.
  • Step 3Design your poster! Word-processing and drawing packages can work well for this but you could also use a website like PosterMyWall, which enables you to design a custom-made poster. If design isn’t your thing, take a look at other poster designs that you love or use some software like Canva, which has some templates. What kind of fonts do they use? How do they place the words or images? Are there particular colours that you want to use in your inspirational art?
  • Step 4: Print out your poster. I did this at my local library and I finished it off with a bargain-price wooden frame. The finished item cost less than £2 ($3) and I love it.
  • Step 5: Consider sharing your inspirational wall art with others so they can enjoy it too. Take a photo and share it with me on Twitter!


  • Get some fabric paint and pop your favourite quote onto a tote bag or a t-shirt.
  • Make some little inspiration cards for your purse or wallet.
  • Print out some of your favourite photos, put them into frames and make a poster wall.
  • Find a quote that would mean something to a friend and make some inspirational art for them. You could make them a little quotes notebook or pop your favourite quotes into a Kilner jar for them. And if you’re lacking in inspiration, we post daily quotes to help you out!
  • Try the following project by Søstrene Green and make yourself an inspirational quote canvas out of some wool!

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