No internet? What will I do now?

No internet? What will I do now?

About a month ago I cancelled both my landline and home broadband. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and there won’t be any internet. I had been feeling quite excited about the prospect of my year offline but, as it edges ever closer, I am beginning to feel a little nervous!

I spend a lot of time online. Take the last few days for example. I have watched through both series of The Crown with my mum, fitting it in between Christmas lunch and long walks. I’ve written three blog posts. I’ve read the newspaper online. Emailed friends. Looked up a route map. Paid bills electronically. I even watched the Queen’s Speech on catch-up!

But all that is about to change.

It perhaps doesn’t help that the internet disappearing has coincided with my mum going home. After a few days that have been relatively sociable, will I feel the disconnection of the internet even more strongly? Perhaps. But, in truth, this was always going to be a big deal. It is a significant life change. You might not think so – after all, I will still be accessing the internet at the library once in a while. But imagine waking up tomorrow without the internet or think back to a time when your internet went down unexpectedly.

We take so much of our online life for granted until it disappears. But we take our offline lives for granted too and, whatever the challenges, that is the point of my year offline. As to what I will do tomorrow? Come back on Monday 8th January to read about my first week offline.

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