Professional resources

Please remember that this is a personal blog. Soothing Sense cannot offer advice or professional support. If you are worried about your mental health and believe that you need help then it is important to seek professional support from an expert who is informed about your individual circumstances.

The following list contains a few resources that may be relevant to people living in the UK. However, they are not the only resources available. So please do your own research to find out what may be best for you and your circumstances.

Keep in mind that these are external links: I try to keep them as them as up to date as possible and endeavour only to include services that are certified by the Information Standard. However, I am not responsible for the accuracy of external websites and cannot endorse the services they provide. Again, please make sure you do your own research.

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Links to Professional Resources

NHS: The NHS website includes information about local services, including hospitals, GPs and urgent care. It also contains information about mental health conditions.

MIND: The mental health charity MIND has a website with lots of information, including a page on how to get help in a mental health crisis. They also have a Helpline and local branches across the UK.

Samaritans: The Samaritans provide a listening ear, primarily by phone and email. People can ring about anything that is getting to them. You do not have to be suicidal to call but the Samaritans can support callers who are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Helplines Partnership: The membership body for Helplines and organisations that provide Helpline Services. They have an online search tool which allows people to search their database of helplines and find a service that may be suitable for their needs.

BACP: The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy has a website called It’s Good to Talk, which enables people to find a counsellor in their area.

UKCP: The UK Council for Psychotherapy also have a tool to help people search for a therapist.

The Mix: This charity supports those under 25 with any challenge they’re facing – from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from break-ups to drugs. You can talk to them via online, social or their free helpline.